Developer Workshop - Microsoft Fabric: The Breadth, in Depth with Andrew Brust

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In connection with our developer conference DevSum, we offer a select few workshops with internationally known experts.

Developer Workshop - Microsoft Fabric: The Breadth, in Depth with Andrew Brust

Microsoft Fabric joins together a number of previously separate data analytics services, into a single rationalized offering. It brings data lake, data warehouse, data engineering & integration, business intelligence, real-time analytics and machine learning/data science into a single platform.

To realize the full advantage of this unification, though, you need to understand Fabric, and how to use it, across its full scope, and that's exactly what this workshop will do for its attendees.


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You'll learn about each workload in Fabric and all of its components, including Data Lakehouses, Data Warehouses, Semantic Models, Data Pipelines, Dataflows, Eventstreams, KQL Databases, Power BI reports, machine learning Experiments & Models, and even Data Activator Reflex objects. You'll also learn about OneLake (the unified data repository for all of Fabric), and the various open source technologies built into Fabric, including Apache Parquet, Delta Lake, Apache Spark, Python and Jupyter notebooks.

Fabric removes a ton of complexity and friction, making the "modern data stack" live up to its name. Come to this workshop to benefit fully from what Fabric brings to bear.

About Andrew Brust

The workshop is led by Andrew Brust, a participant in Fabric's early adopter program and a veteran of the Microsoft data and analytics stack for over three decades. Andrew has written about Fabric extensively for The New Stack, presented on it in various conferences and has been an expert authority on a number of Fabric's precursors, including Synapse Analytics, SQL Server Analysis Services, Power BI, HDInsight and Azure Data Lake.

You will learn

  • How to set up a Data Lakehouse, SQL Analytics Endpoint and Semantic Model in Fabric
  • Tricks and techniques to transform and integrate data using Python code, data pipelines and data flows
  •  Integrating streaming data, alerting/observability and machine learning models with your lakehouse data
  • Business intelligence and analytics with Power BI, notebooks, KQL queries and all their associated visualizations

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