Cisco webinar: Cybersecurity Careers: Panel on Job Success

Kostadsfritt! Online, 10 oktober kl 19:00

Ever wondered about a career in cybersecurity? What the day-to-day looks like? The best path to land your dream job? Or maybe, you’re curious about where the cybersecurity job market is headed.

In this webinar, a diverse panel of Cisco cybersecurity experts will answer your burning questions about cybersecurity trends, certifications or careers in cybersecurity. Led by Tom Gilheany, portfolio manager for Cisco security training and certifications, our panel of experts will shed light on the state of the cybersecurity job market today, their career paths in cybersecurity, resources to prepare you for your next cybersecurity career move and how you can keep your skills up-to-speed. Join us during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to learn more.
Datum och tid: Onsdag, 10 oktober kl 19.00 - 20.00

Pris: Gratis