Web development crash course

You know about the web. You've dabbled in JavaScript, CSS and HTML before, but never had a chance to build your knowledge on a solid foundation. Providing that foundation is exactly what this course is for. It will give you an overview of each of the technologies, one per day. 

We kick off the first day by diving into JavaScript (ECMAScript 5) and how we can approach problems by using both object-oriented programming as well as functional programming.

The second day we will have an in-depth discussion about CSS, and bring everyone up to speed on the basic syntax. After that we will look at some of the newer CSS3 selectors and get into using Sass as a precompiler as well as Bootstrap for styling.

Finally we tie it altogether in the third day where we will take a look at HTML5. We will examine the new semantic markup and discuss the use-cases for them. However, the updates in HTML5 are far more than mere markup, and we will spend some time looking at some of the new APIs and interact with them using JavaScript. Since we end up working in the browser a lot more here we will also have to start taking feature detection into account, using tools such as Modernizr.


Grundläggande kunskaper i CSS, HTML och Javascript


  • JavaScript language background
  • Things to watch out for
  • Functional programming in JavaScript
  • Object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • ECMAScript 6 and the future
  • CSS History, overview and syntax
  • Selectors
  • Grouping selectors and pattern matching
  • Pseudo elements
  • The box model
  • Media queries
  • Namespaces
  • Animations
  • Web fonts
  • Sass
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Understanding the Bootstrap grid system
  • Styling sites with CSS3 and Bootstrap components
  • A brief history: HTML 1-4 and XHTML
  • Feature detection
  • Modernizr
  • HTML5 semantic markup
  • Form elements and validation
  • Boolean attributes
  • Canvas and SVG
  • Geolocation
  • Web storage
  • History and the microdata API

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