Developer Workshop - Developing Solutions with ChatGPT in Azure Open AI with Alan Smith

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In connection with our developer conference DevSum, we offer a select few workshops with internationally known experts.

Developer Workshop - Developing Solutions with ChatGPT in Azure Open AI with Alan Smith

Generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) algorithms have taken artificial intelligence from obscurity into the mainstream. The latest developments in large language models and the impact that they could have on society is now front-page news. But what is a generative pre-trained transformer, and how does it work? How can these algorithms be leveraged by application developers to deliver real business value?

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In this workshop, Alan will demonstrate how to use the Azure OpenAI service to access and interact with these powerful GPT models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and code generation models. You will learn how to create applications that can generate high-quality text and code using the Azure OpenAI service. The integration of company knowledgebases to provide a ChatGPT experience personalized to your business requirements will be covered along with the concepts of prompt engineering to influence the outputs generated by the model.

The workshop will also cover the concepts of responsible AI and how these can be applied to generative models such as GPT.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid understanding of the capabilities and potential of the Azure OpenAI GPT models and how you can leverage them in in your own solutions.

About Alan Smith

Alan Smith is a Microsoft Azure developer, trainer, mentor and evangelist at Active Solution in Stockholm. He has a strong hands-on philosophy and focusses on embracing the power and flexibility of cloud computing to deliver engaging and exciting demos and training courses.

Alan has held the MVP title for 13 years, and is currently an MVP for Microsoft Azure. He is in the organization team for the CloudBurst conference and the Global Azure Bootcamp.

This workshop will cover

  • Overview of GPT algorithms
  • GPT usage scenarios
  • Hosting GPT models in Microsoft Azure Open AI services
  • GPT algorithm theory and internals
  • Code generation with GPT
  • Using prompt engineering to produce reliable results
  • Implementing retrieval augmented generation (RAG) with ChatGPT and Azure Search
  • Applying responsible AI to GPT solutions

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