Developer Workshop - Objective Driven Agile: enhancing agile with OKRs with Allan Kelly

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In connection with our developer conference DevSum, we offer a select few workshops with internationally known experts.

Developer Workshop - Objective Driven Agile: enhancing agile with OKRs with Allan Kelly

Strategic alignment, delivering business value, delighting customers, working with peer teams - and all the while being agile. Sometimes it seems impossible to satisfy all the demands placed on teams.

Adding objectives with the OKR framework complements agile frameworks such as Scrum. Clear, measurable, objectives helps teams prioritize and communicate with stakeholders, rethink backlogs and increases team focus on delivery while maintaining autonomy.

This Objective Driven Agile workshop prepares attendees to use OKRs to enhance agile working.

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  1. The nature of OKRs and how they can enhance agile working. Including how OKRs can be used to tame run away backlogs.
  2. How to set outcome oriented objectives and create feedback loops across hierarchies.
  3. Writing qualified, measurable, key results - even for intangible goals.
  4. Integrating the OKR super sprint cycle with agile routines and ceremonies.


About Allan Kelly

This workshop is designed and delivered by Allan Kelly, the author of Succeeding
with OKRs in Agile, Business Patterns for Software Developers, The
Art of Agile Product Ownership and other books. He is a regular conference
keynotes speaker, he has many scale-up business and well know companies
such as Virgin Atlantic, SkyScanner and Lexis-Nexis.

Who should attend

Those seeking to increase team focus, enhance strategic alignment and improve agile working will benefit from this workshop. This typically includes Product, Project and other Managers, together with agile specific roles such as Product Owner, Agile Coach and Scrum Master. Senior technical staff will all benefit too by understanding their role in the process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Recognise the prerequisites for working with OKRs
  • Recognise the feedback loops created when using OKRs across a company, how allowing teams to set their own OKRs creates a strategy debugger and emergent alignment
  • Recognise why key results that fit well with an agile test first approach, and recognise poor key results which need reframing
  • Recognise the importance of the Product Owner/Manager role in OKR setting with why whole team involvement produces the best outcomes

You will be ready to:

  • Formulate objectives as outcomes you wish to create and how these objectives allow competing demands to be addressed
  • Produce quantified key results to support objectives, and use measuring systems to quantify intangible goals
  • Revise and modify draft OKRs to incorporate feedback from managers and stakeholders

With OKRs formulated you will be ready to modify your agile routines and organise delivery by:

  • Applying a wide-narrow-wide OKR cycle for ambitious thinking and
  • focused delivery
  • Using OKRs as a story-generating machine to create stories just-in-time and tame the backlog
  • Organize agile sprints within time-boxed OKR supersprints
  • Evaluate delivery against OKRs and assess time-delay issues

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