Workshop: Solid Async with Andrew Clymer and Richard Blewett

Kurskod DSWS-Async

Workshop: Solid Async with Andrew Clymer and Richard Blewett

In connection with our developer conference DevSum, we offer a select few workshops with internationally known experts.

Asynchronous programming is fully mainstream, made possible by the introduction of async/await in C#5. But how many developers really understand the mechanics of asynchronous programming, and know how to protect shared states with efficient synchronization primitives? During this one-day workshop, you will go from zero to hero in understanding how to build efficient thread-safe applications.

The two speakers co-authored the Apress book Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET.

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About Andrew Clymer and Richard Blewett

Andrew Clymer is Co-Founder Director at Rock Solid Knowledge and has programmed professionally in a variety of languages from 6502 assemblers, C, C++, Java,C# plus a variety of other languages at University. His current role at Rock Solid Knowledge is just as broad managing the IdentityServer team and growing Rock Solid Knowledge's product portfolio utilising a range of technologies from Web, Mobile and Umbraco CMS. Andy is the co-author of Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET, published by Apress.

Richard Blewett has been a professional software developer for 30 years. He has also spent many years teaching developers new technologies and techniques. 14 years ago he was one of the founders of Rock Solid Knowledge, a development and product company where, amongst other things, he has architectural oversight of services that the company builds. He is the co-author of Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET from Apress.

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