Workshop: Learn PowerShell Essentials in a Day with Mark Michaelis

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Workshop: Learn PowerShell Essentials in a Day with Mark Michaelis

In connection with our developer conference DevSum, we offer a select few workshops with internationally known experts.

Attend this workshop to learn the “power” of PowerShell, how to leverage it in your daily development practices, and to familiarize yourself with the vast resources, tools, and extensions that make PowerShell a must-have tool for every developer.

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Whether you want to use it in everyday task automation, your DevOps pipeline, or importing/export of files that come your way, this is the session to learn how to put your computer to work instead of you. Attend this workshop as a way to catapult you into 21st-century scripting, command shells, and DevOps.

About Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis ( is founder and CEO of IntelliTect, a high-end software development and management consulting company based in Spokane, Washington. At any given time, Mark leads his successful company while flying all over the world for Microsoft and other clients or speaking engagements. He continually delivers conference sessions on leadership or technology, is updating the next edition of his book or is crafting his Essential .Net column for Microsoft Developer Network Magazine (MSDN).

A world-class C# expert who honed his engineering skills by serving on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, Azure and Azure DevOps, Mark is the author of Essential C# 7.0 ( As a direct result of his work with C# and Azure DevOps, Mark has been a distinguished Microsoft MVP since 1996, and a Microsoft Regional Director since 2007.

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