Citrix Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration

In this expert level 5-day training course you will be exposed to advanced networking and Citrix ADC concepts and configurations. Through lecture, lab exercises, and real-world case studies, you will learn to look critically at environment requirements, constraints, and business drivers to create a complex Citrix networking solution.

Topics to be covered in this course include multi-site and multitenant deployments, advanced authentication and load balancing, and automation and orchestration and advanced troubleshooting. This training will also prepare you for the Citrix Certified Expert in Networking (CCE-N) exam.


This course assumes that the student has significant networking and Citrix Networking experience. Citrix recommends a comprehensive understanding of basic and intermediate Citrix ADC features and functionalities. Proficiency in the topics covered in CNS-220; CNS-222; and CNS-320 is strongly recommended.


Module 1: Networking Methodology and Assessment

• Understanding the Citrix methodology

• Business Drivers and Requirementrs

• User Segmentation

• Application Assessment

• Capabilities Assessment


Module 2: Citrix Networking Deployment Architecture and Topology

• Multi-Site Deployments

• Multi Tennant Infrastructure

• Cloud Deployments

• High Availability

• Citrix ADC Double-Hop Scenarios

• Secure Web Gateway


Module 3: Advanced Authentication and Authorization

• Authorization Policies

• Access Policies

• Advanced Authentication Options

• Multi-Factor Authentication

• nFactor Authentication

• AAA Session Management


Module 4: Citrix ADC Security

• Authorization

• Pre-authentication and Endpoint Analysis Scans

• Protection against Layer 4-7 Attacks

• Web App Firewall


Module 5: Citrix Gateway Configuration


• ICA Proxy Configuration

• VPN Access

• Clientless Access

• Split Tunneling

• RDP Proxy Deployment and Configuration


Module 6: Advanced Load Distribution and Link Load balancing

• Advanced Load Balancing

• Advanced Load Balancing

• Link Load Balancing

• Firewall Load Balancing

• Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing

• Advanced Global Server Load Balancing

• Global Server Load Balancing Persistence

• DNS, Policies, Expressions, Actions, and Views

• GSLB Monitoring and Considerations


Module 7: Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration

• Application Delivery Management Outbound Traffic Dashboard

• Automation

• Orchestration

• Configuration Jobs

• Configuration Audit


• StyleBooks (Net-new)

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