Power BI for Data Wranglers

This training is designed for data wranglers, developers or data transformers, who want to transform rawdata coming from one or more data sources and make that data ready for further analytics. The emphasis on this course is how to turn low quality data into something that will give you the business insights you need to make the right decisions.


This is a next level course for persons such as Data Stewards, BI developers, ETL developers, and Power Users who want to get a deeper understanding of Power BI. 


You should have the following knowledge before taking this course: how to get connected to your data and pull it in, how to build out a basic data model, how to build some basic visuals and some basic DAX knowledge. 


  • Get Data 
  • Data Types and Data Structures 
  • Combine Queries 
  • Better Power Query Editor Experience 
  • Reducing Number of Rows 
  • Column Operations 
  • Table Transformations 
  • Text Transformations 
  • Numeric Transformations 
  • Structured Column Transformations 
  • Add Column Transformations 
  • Error Handling 
  • Date and Time Transformations 
  • Functions and Parameters; Dynamic Power Query Power Query Formula Language: M 
  • Working with Data Structures in M 
  • Advanced M Scripting 
  • Performance Tips and Tricks for Power Query Use Cases Introducing the Power BI Platform 

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25 juni


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