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Genom vårt partnerskap med Red Hat kan vi erbjuda utbildning inom bland annat Red Hat Linux samt certifiering. Kurserna arrangeras av Red Hat själva, och leds av erfarna och auktoriserade instruktörer.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RHCSA Rapid Track

4 dagar

26500 kr

Kod: RH199

Datum: 30 oktober, 12 februari

The RHCSA Rapid Track course relates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and is designed for students who already have significant experience with Linux administration. Combines Red Hat System Administration I and II at a rapid pace. Läs mer

Stockholm 30 oktober, 12 februari

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - System Administration II

4 dagar

24950 kr

Kod: RH134

Datum: 9 oktober, 29 januari

This course focuses on the key tasks needed to become a full time Linux administrator. It goes deeper into enterprise Linux administration including file systems and partitioning, logical volumes, SELinux, firewalling, and troubleshooting. Läs mer

Stockholm 9 oktober, 29 januari

OpenShift Enterprise Development

3 dagar

19500 kr

Kod: RH-DO290

Datum: 15 januari

This course is designed for application developers not necessarily Java EE developers interested in creating OpenShift Enterprise applications with automated unit acceptance tests and deploying those applications using continuous integration to an OpenShift Enterprise instance. OpenShift Enterprise Development DO290 is part of a series of courses that focus on using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat to automate a portion of the software delivery pipeline. Läs mer

Stockholm 15 januari

OpenShift Enterprise Administration

3 dagar

25950 kr

Kod: RH-DO280

Datum: 2 oktober

OpenShift Enterprise Administration DO280 prepares the system administrator to install, configure, and manage OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat instances. OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat s platform-as-a-service PaaS offering, provides pre-defined deployment environments for applications of all types through its use of container technology. This creates an environment that supports DevOps principles such as reduced time to market and continuous delivery. Läs mer

Stockholm 2 oktober

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - System Administration III

4 dagar

24950 kr

Kod: RH254

Datum: 19 februari

Broaden your ability to administer Linux systems and prepare for your Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE exam. This Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 course is designed for experienced Linux system administrators who hold a Red Hat Certified System Administrator RHCSA certification or equivalent skills and who want to broaden their ability to administer Linux systems at an enterprise level. Läs mer

Stockholm 19 februari

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - System Administration I

5 dagar

23950 kr

Kod: RH124

Datum: 4 december

Red Hat System Administration I provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools. Red Hat System Administration I RH124 is designed for IT professionals without previous Linux administration experience. Läs mer

Stockholm 4 december