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Här hittar du utbildning inom områden som C++ och Python.

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Docker for Enterprise Developers

2 dagar

20450 kr

Kod: DOCK6019

Datum: 9 oktober, 11 december

As the follow-on to the Docker Fundamentals course, Docker for Enterprise Developers is a role-based course designed for an organization s Development and DevOps teams to accelerate their Docker journey in the enterprise. The course covers best practices to containerize and modernize legacy applications or build containerized applications from scratch that are secure, robust, highly available, resilient and self-healing. Läs mer

Stockholm 9 oktober, 11 december
Göteborg 9 oktober, 11 december
Malmö 9 oktober, 11 december
Linköping 9 oktober, 11 december

Masterclass: Xamarin.Forms with Gill Cleeren

3 dagar

26450 kr

Kod: MC055

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Xamarin.Forms is the embodying of Microsoft s idea of writing code once and running it on a multitude of devices. Using XAML and C#, existing .NET developers can easily build iOS, Android and UWP applications, all sharing a maximum amount of code. While the framework is rather complete, developers will need to go off the beaten track and write controls and native interactions with features of the devices, for which native Xamarin will be used. Läs mer

Python Programming 2 Nyhet

2 dagar

19450 kr

Kod: PYP2

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

The Python Programming 2 course comprises sessions dealing with advanced object orientation, iterators and generators, comprehensions, decorators, multithreading, functional programming, web services, and unit testing. The delegate will learn how to exploit advanced features of the Python language to build complex and efficient applications. Läs mer

Introduction to Version Control with Git Nyhet

1 dag

9950 kr

Kod: A390

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Under den här kursen lär du dig att använda GIT för effektiv versionshantering i mjukvaruprojekt. Efter en introduktion i versionshantering får du lära dig använda GIT och hur du till exempel arbetar med repositories, skapar och slår ihop grenar samt skapar arbetsflöden. Läs mer

Python Programming 1 Nyhet

3 dagar

25450 kr

Kod: PYP1

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Python is an object oriented rapid development language deployed in many scenarios in the modern world. This Python Programming 1 course is designed to give delegates the knowledge to develop and maintain Python scripts using the current version V3 of Python. There are many similarities between Python V2 and Python V3. The skills gained on this course will allow the delegate to develop their own skills further using Python V2 or V3 to support the development and maintenance of scripts. Läs mer