Masterclass: ASP.NET MVC Best Practices with Dino Esposito

The ASP.NET MVC application model has been around for about ten years now and it’s the only application model of choice in ASP.NET Core. So as a former Web Forms developer moving away from the postback model and embracing controllers is a necessary step whether your projects target the classic ASP.NET runtime or the new ASP.NET Core runtime. Grabbing the fundamental concepts of the ASP.NET MVC model is not hard but, as usual, implementing solutions in the real world is quite different than testing things in the aseptic lab of a tutorial.

This class offers a highly pragmatic view of ASP.NET and Web programming, full of ad hoc examples, live coding and excerpts from production code. The class is a tour in the territory of ASP.NET with excursions in the new and largely unexplored land of ASP.NET Core. The class illustrates a variety of consolidated best practices as far as organization of projects, configuration, error handling, authentication, authorization, form posting, validation, rendering of views, web services, live notifications are concerned. Furthermore, it distills gems of application design patterns for UX and architecture optimization. Because, in the end, pure performance loses much of its appeal if not combined with a great task-oriented UX. The class won't aim at making you a brand new developer, but it will make you a developer with a different and likely wider perspective of problems and solutions.



Target Audience

Ideal to:

  • ASP.NET Web Forms developers
  • Web developers non ASP.NET (PHP, JavaScript, Java, frontend, Angular, React, other)
  • ASP.NET MVC practitioners needing a refresh or deeper perspective, new tricks

Experienced ASP.NET MVC programmers might find beneficial some parts about UX/UI, mobile, responsiveness, real-time.


Day 1

Runtime issues leading to ASP.NET Core

From zero to HTML
Global.asax + Routing + Controllers + Action results + Error handling 

Taking control of HTML rendering engine
View engines (customization) + Razor (partial, helpers, programming rendering) + View models

Design of Controller
Model binding + Verbs and names + Factory & DI + Application services

Day 2

Application design patterns
Application services + Repositories + Domain and data models + cloud compactness + caching

Posting Data
Validation + ways of posting + collecting responses

UX Recommendations
Stepped forms, drop-down, auto-complete, dates, filters and more

Bootstrap + image resizing + Wurfl

Day 3

Necessary Web Chores
Authentication (principals, identity, custom approaches) + Authorization + action filters

Presenting Data
Paging + client-side data binding + JSON(P) + CORS

Real-time Page Updates
SignalR + remote monitoring + broadcast + counting + selective updates (FB style) 

Om instruktören

A long-time trainer and top-notch consultant, Dino is the author of many popular books for Microsoft Press that helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET developers and architects. CTO of a fast-growing company providing software and mobile services to professional sports (in particular tennis). At the moment Dino works as a technical evangelist for JetBrains, where he focuses on Android and Kotlin development, and a member of the team that manages WURFL (the database of mobile device information used by organizations such as Google and Facebook).

Read Dinos blog at

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