Clean Architecture in .NET 6

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Clean Architecture in .NET 6

Building a web application with ASP.NET Core is one thing, building them in a testable and maintainable way is another.

Clean architecture has over the years proven to be a way to create a solid foundation for enterprise-ready applications. 

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In this course, you will learn how to create a testable and maintainable API with the latest version of .NET Core. You'll learn about the tools, frameworks and best practices to create an architecture that's tested and is powering many applications. You’ll then use the API from a Blazor front-end.

After attending this course, you'll walk away with ideas to create your next applications but now, based on best practices!

Course objectives
  • Understand the basics of APIs with ASP.NET Core
  • Understand the concepts of clean architecture
  • Learn how to separate your code for testability and maintainability
  • Understand the basics of Blazor to build the front-end
  • Write tests to test and validate your code

Target audience and prerequisites

This course is intended for software architects and web developers. You should have experience developing web applications with C# and ASP .NET Core.

About the trainer

Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, Windows Platform MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill focuses on mobile development for the Windows stack as well as Xamarin. Gill is a frequent speaker at many international conferences such as TechDays, TechEd, NDC, VSLive and many more. He also is the founder of Techorama, the biggest developer conference in Belgium and he also runs Visug, the .NET user group in Belgium.

Course details

  • Architecting an ASP.NET Core API using clean architecture principles
  • Adding mapping with AutoMapper
  • Writing validation logic with FluentValidation
  • Adding MediatR
  • Working with exceptions and middleware
  • Adding tests
  • Implementing a front-end using Blazor (with clean code)
  • Adding NSwag

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