Developer Workshop: Developing Microservice Applications with Docker and Kubernetes

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Developer Workshop: Developing Microservice Applications with Docker and Kubernetes

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Adopting container technologies provides a lot of benefits for application packaging and deployment, but it also means new things to learn and use for developers.

Running containers in production also means using a container orchestrator such as Kubernetes, that you can run either on premise or in the cloud. Used properly, Kubernetes will allow you to build scalable and resilient distributed applications that can be deployed without downtime and gradually rolled out to your users.

In this workshop you will use Docker and Kubernetes and learn about:

  • What is a microservice architecture
  • What Docker and Kubernetes means for developers
  • How to use Docker and Visual Studio to containerize an application
  • What is Kubernetes and how does it work
  • Creating a Kubernetes cluster in Azure
  • Deploying a microservice application to Kubernetes

About Jakob Ehn

Jakob has 20 years of experience with professional software development, and currently works at Active Solution, specializing in DevOps and cloud architecture.

Jakob is a Microsoft Azure MVP (former ALM/DevOps MVP). He is a regular speaker at various conferences and user groups around the world, such as NDC, DevSum, CloudBrew, TechDays, WinOps, UpdateConf and SweTugg.

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