Developer Workshop: If it doesn't work, don't deploy it!

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Developer Workshop: If it doesn't work, don't deploy it!

You've moved beyond "right-click, publish" and you've got a CI/CD pipeline going, but how do you know that broken code doesn't get deployed? Are you completely sure that everything works?

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It's not enough to know that it builds, we need tests. Automated tests, and not just unit tests either! We need API-tests and UI tests as well, but along comes a whole bunch of new problems!

Glenn will show you how you can get every deploy tested and verified, getting your code, your APIs and your entire application tested, end-to-end. Along the way he'll show you how you solve the problems of authentication, tokens, testdata, databases and more!

About Glenn F. Henriksen

Glenn F. Henriksen is working as a mentor, evangelist and developer in Stavanger, Norway. Here he gets to explore new tools, processes and technologies and continuously improve how he and his fellow developers work with code, tasks and projects. He has been a Microsoft Development MVP, a part of the Microsoft Regional Director program and is an Azure Advisor. 

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