Developer Workshop: Introduction to Kotlin for Cloud and Web

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Developer Workshop: Introduction to Kotlin for Cloud and Web

Kotlin is a modern language, suitable for everything from mobile apps to cloud computing. It combines many of the best features we expect from modern programming languages, while adding a number of unique solutions that solve many of the everyday problems we face when writing code. Beyond the JVM and Android, Kotlin code can target JavaScript and native platform, enabling the language to cover all levels of a product stack.

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This workshop will focus on how to build full-stack applications using Kotlin and deploying them in the cloud. In particular, we’ll cover these topics:

  • Basics of the Kotlin programming language
  • Ktor and Spring framework
  • Serialization techniques
  • Kotlin/JS and React
  • Async tasks with coroutines
  • Kotlin and Java interoperability

Notes and comments

This is an introduction workshop for building backend and frontend solutions with Kotlin. It targets any developers regardless of their background. We will provide the required setup for their laptops for Windows, Linux and macOS on a number of USB sticks so we can get started faster without having to wait for everyone to download all required software, and there we'll post a link so people can prepare ahead of time if they want to.

This workshop is done together with Sebastiano Poggi.

About Erik Hellman & Sebastiano Poggi

Erik Hellman

Erik has more than 20 years of experience working as a software developer in a wide range of different projects and companies. He currently works as a consultant in his own company (Hellman Software), is a member of the Google Developer Expert program, and can often be found at various developer conferences speaking about best practices for various software challenges.

Sebastiano Poggi

Emerging from the foggy plains of northern Italy after working at a smartwatch startup, Sebastiano moved with his curls to London to do great things at AKQA and then Novoda. Regularly speaking at conferences and brain-dumping on the 'net got him into the Google Developers Experts programme in 2014. Nowadays he's working on some rather cool Kotlin stuff for JetBrains.

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