Update your skills to .NET 8: Dive into modern development on the .NET 8 stack

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Update your skills to .NET 8: Dive into modern development on the .NET 8 stack

.NET has evolved dramatically. You and your team may be using more outdated technologies but you don’t know where to start on getting back up-to-speed with the latest and greatest. Or maybe you need an overview of all what is possible with your .NET and C# knowledge on the web, mobile and desktop.

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This course is tailored to bringing you and your team into the .NET 8 era. During 3 days, you’ll get an overview of what’s next and important to know in the .NET space. After completing these intensive 3 days, you will know what the latest technologies are and how they can be applied in modern architectures.


Target Audience and Prerequisites

This course is intended for .NET developers. Basic knowledge of C# and .NET is assumed.

About Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren has been working with ASP.NET since its inception in the early 2000s and has guided numerous projects based around .NET to a success. He has been teaching about the subject for many years and is also the author of several ASP.NET courses on Pluralsight, including the successful ASP.NET Core Fundamentals and ASP.NET Core Blazor Fundamentals. He’s an MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.

Course Details

Day 1: Tools, languages in .NET 8
Getting Started with Modern .NET
  1. Welcome and Introduction
    • Brief overview of the training goals and agenda.
    • Importance of .NET 8 in modern development.
  2. Evolution of .NET Framework
    • Historical context and evolution of the .NET framework.
    • Key milestones and improvements leading to .NET 8.
  3. Overview of .NET Ecosystem
    • Introduction to the broader .NET ecosystem.
    • Overview of ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and more.
  4. Setting Up the Development Environment
    • Installing .NET SDK and Visual Studio.
    • Configuring development tools for maximum productivity.
    • Using Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Code with the C# Dev Kit
    • Working with GitHub Copilot
Understanding Different Application Types
  1. Overview of .NET Application Types
    • Explanation of various application types in the .NET ecosystem.
    • Overview of WPF, UWP, ASP.NET Core, Blazor and other application models.
  2. Choosing the Right Application Type
    • Factors influencing the selection of application types.
    • Use cases for desktop applications (WPF, UWP) vs. web applications (ASP.NET Core).
  3. Cross-Platform Development with MAUI
    • Introduction to Maui for cross-platform mobile development.
    • Building mobile applications that run on iOS, Android, and Windows.
Introduction to Modern C#
  1. Introduction to C#
    • Overview of the latest features in C#.
    • Hands-on coding exercises to explore new language enhancements.
  2. C# Best Practices and Coding Standards
    • Understanding coding conventions and best practices in C#.
    • Code readability, maintainability, and performance considerations.
  3. Advanced C# Concepts
    • Exploring advanced C# concepts like pattern matching and record types.
    • Practical examples showcasing the power of these features.
Asynchronous Programming, Dependency Injection, and More
  1. Asynchronous Programming in .NET
    • In-depth exploration of the async/await pattern.
    • Real-world scenarios and best practices for asynchronous programming.
  2. Dependency Injection in .NET
    • Detailed explanation of Dependency Injection (DI).
    • Hands-on exercises implementing DI in different scenarios.
  3. Error Handling and Logging
    • Strategies for error handling in .NET applications.
    • Implementing effective logging for troubleshooting.
Day 2: ASP.NET Core, APIs and architecture
Web Development with ASP.NET Core
  1. Introduction to ASP.NET Core
    • Overview of ASP.NET Core and its architecture.
    • Creating a simple web application.
  2. Building applications with ASP.NET Core MVC
    • Understand the principles of models, views and controllers
    • Create a full web app with ASP.NET Core MVC
  3. Working with Entity Framework Core
    • Introduction to Entity Framework Core.
    • Database migrations and querying.
Building APIs with ASP.NET Core
  1. Create APIs based on controllers
    • Design principles for RESTful APIs.
    • Building APIs with ASP.NET Core.
  2. Consuming APIs from clients
    • Using HttpClient and HttpClientFactory
Clean Architecture in ASP.NET
  1. Understanding Clean Architecture
    • Principles of Clean Architecture.
    • Separation of concerns and dependency inversion.
  2. Implementing Clean Architecture in ASP.NET
    • Structuring ASP.NET projects with Clean Architecture.
    • Decoupling business logic from infrastructure.
Testing in .NET
  • Overview of testing frameworks (e.g., NUnit, xUnit).
  • Writing unit tests for .NET applications.
Day 3: Blazor, MAUI and Azure
Introduction to Blazor
  1. Overview of Blazor
    • Introduction to Blazor and its components.
    • Comparison of Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server.
  2. Building Web Applications with Blazor
    • Creating a simple Blazor application.
    • Understanding Razor components and data binding.
  3. Client-Side Interactivity with Blazor
    • Implementing client-side interactivity with Blazor.
    • Handling events and user interactions.
Mobile Development with .NET MAUI
  1. Introduction to .NET MAUI
    • Overview of .NET MAUI for cross-platform mobile development.
    • Building multi-platform apps with a single codebase.
  2. Creating UI with MAUI Markup and XAML
    • Developing user interfaces using MAUI Markup and XAML.
    • Styling and theming considerations.
  3. Navigation and Lifecycle in .NET MAUI
    • Understanding navigation patterns in MAUI.
    • Managing the lifecycle of a .NET MAUI application.
Azure for .NET Developers
  1. Introduction to Azure Services
    • Overview of key Azure services for .NET developers.
    • Understanding the Azure ecosystem and how it integrates with .NET.
  2. Azure DevOps and CI/CD for .NET Projects
    • Setting up CI/CD pipelines for .NET applications in Azure DevOps.
    • Automating deployment processes and best practices.
  3. Azure Functions and Serverless Architecture
    • Understanding serverless architecture with Azure Functions.
    • Building and deploying serverless .NET applications.

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