Before your course via LiveClass@home

På svenska: Inför din kurs via LiveClass@home

Here you'll find information on how your connection will work when you take a course through LiveClass@home, so you can check that audio and video work in both directions.

This information is frequently updated, so be sure to always check this page before a class to ensure that you have updated information.

At the start of the course

Before starting the course, you will receive specific information on how to connect to your specific classroom. Below you will find instructions for testing your connection in good time.

Connect via app or browser

You will participate through the Zoom tool, and you can connect in several ways. We primarily recommend the app that is provided, but if firewalls or anything else prevents you from connecting via browser. It is also possible to connect from mobile or tablet.

Go to, click Join and follow the instructions.

The test meeting you connect to allows you to check and adjust your settings.


Do you have questions about the connection? Contact your seller with us or call 08-555 12 499 for LiveClass@home-support.

You can also find help on the Zoom support page.

Course literature and lab environment

At course startup, you will receive access details to course literature plus lab environment if such is required. These details are sent separately or communicated by the trainer.

Your learning environment

Try to create the best possible educational environment:

  • Try to sit undisturbed, preferably with a headset for maximum focus on the course.
  • For example, you can use a computer, tablet or mobile for your LiveClass connection.
  • It is advantageous, but not necessary, to have one screen for LiveClass and another for lab environment and course material. These do not necessarily have to belong to the same computer, but for optimal support we recommend that you connect to LiveClass and Labs from the same computer to be able to share your screen with the trainer.
  • You can turn off your microphone if you do not participate in a discussion.
  • If you have a webcam, try running it. The teacher has an easier time deciding how the class is located if he or she can see you.

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