LiveClass – Education closer to you! 

LiveClass is a videoconference solution specially developed for instructor led interactive distance studies. With LiveClass you get access to real classroom education without having to spend time and money on travel and accommodation.  

Wherever you are – LiveClass@home

If you cannot participate from any of our training centres you can connect with your own computer with internet connection. In preparation for the course you get an invitation to a virtual meeting room to your e-mail. There are several ways to enter, but the most common are through an application, browser or Skype for Business.

Try to create a good study environment:

  • For maximum focus on the course, try to sit undisturbed, preferably with a headset.
  • You may use a computer, tablet or mobile for your LiveClass connection.
  • It is an advantage, but not necessary, to have one screen for LiveClass and another for lab environment and course material.
  • You may turn off your microphone if you do not participate in a discussion.
  • If you have a webcam, try keeping it on during class, as this makes it easier for the instructor to determine how the class is doing.

How does it work?

The instructor is located in a so-called master classroom, a regular classroom with students and high-resolution video equipment. The master classroom is connected through video and audio to a cloud service, to which the satellite classrooms throughout the country connect as well.

Overall LiveClass gives the same experience as taking part of a class on site. When you take part of a LiveClass at one of our education centres you get a professionally designed learning environment with the best conditions to develop your competence and maximize your learning. The concept works for both company educations and scheduled education.

As a LiveClass participant you have the following possibilities: 

  • To follow the course leaders' lectures, white board notes and demonstrations. 
  • To fully interact in discussions and to exchange experiences with the course leader and other participants. 
  • To get help from the course leader at individual exercises. 
  • To get maximum learning through the controlled educational environment when participating at one of our training centres. 

Try the connection

Would you like to try the connection for LiveClass@home – click here for information on how to connect to our test classroom.

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