Cisco webinar: FT/802.11r (Fast BSS Transition)

Kostnadsfritt! Online, 31 oktober kl 21.00

In this webinar, Phil Morgan will discuss Fast Transition.

We will start with a quick definition of roaming, and review methods prior to 802.11r. On the way we will discuss the 4-way handshake and it’s importance to security. We will then discuss 802.11r theory. Next we will cover how to configure the wireless/wired infrastructure for Roaming. Finishing up we will discuss new 8.3 FT Adaptive functionality relevant to the CCIE candidate.

About the Presenter: Phil Morgan - CTO / Lead Instructor NC-Expert
Phil is an award-winning instructor, who has a career spanning more than 30 years in IT and Networking. He has consulted for some of the industry’s biggest names and has held multiple certifications including Novell Master CNE, Microsoft MCSE, and is also a double Cisco CCIE!

Datum och tid: Onsdag, 31 oktober kl 21.00 - 23.00
Pris: Gratis