Hacking and Securing SQL Server

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Hacking and Securing SQL Server

In this workshop you will analyze, learn and practice critical tasks for implementing highly secure SQL Server infrastructure. We’ll start with identifying security needs regarding database servers and look at the most common attack types and use them on ‘out of the box’ installation. In simple words we will hack our systems!

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Then we will discuss impact of system and network security on databases server. Next we will go through every layer of protection offered by SQL Server with lots of real life examples and hands on labs. At the end we will look at the monitoring and auditing our infrastructure to detect threats and react to them. Additionally, we’ll play with security of other SQL Services and Azure SQL Databases. Our goal is to show and teach you how to protect your precious data in SQL Server environment and how database security mechanisms work. After the course you will be able to test and secure your SQL Server infrastructure. And to get more practice we offer three extra weeks of labs online!

We want you to leave the class with scripts, checklists and practical, ready-to-use knowledge of how to hack, test and secure your SQL Server infrastructure.

This course is a must-go for database administrators, IT professionals and security officers dealing with database servers. The course has the form of an intensive workshop where we make a deep dive inside the SQL Server.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

This course is intended for Database administrators, infrastructure architects, security professionals, system engineers, advanced database developer, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing databases security.

To attend this training you should have good hands-on experience in administering Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure. At least 2 years in the field is recommended.

Detaljerad information

Module 1: Hacking SQL Server Infrastructure
  • Discovering SQL Server instances
  • SQL injection using men in the middle
  • Capturing SQL credentials using men in the middle
  • Decrypting SQL Logins passwords
  • Gaining access to SQL Server on compromised Windows Server
Module 2: SQL Server security baseline concepts
  • Defining security objectives
  • Configuring service accounts
  • Auditing database permissions
  • Implementing physical protection
  • Configuring firewall
  • Securing client-server communication
Module 3: SQL Server Instance security
  • Limiting permissions
  • Securing CLR
  • Implementing protection for extended procedures
  • Protecting linked servers (OPENROWSET)
  • Securing by using policies
  • Hiding instance metadata
Module 4: Managing Logins and Passwords
  • Authentication options
  • Implementing password policies
  • Securing connection strings
  • Customizing login / user authorization
Module 5: Encryption in SQL Server
  • Key management
  • Code and data encryption
  • Managing certificates
  • Transparent database encryption
  • Encryption in HA and Disaster Recovery
Module 6: Protecting database backups
  • Securing backup files
  • Setting backup file passwords and encryption
  • Handling keys and certificate backups
  • Security considerations while restoring to another SQL Server instance
Module 7: Monitoring and auditing
  • Login auditing options
  • Data access auditing
  • Data Manipulation Language custom auditing
  • Policy-based management
  • Forensics case study
Module 8: Securing other SQL Server services
  • SQL Server Agent
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Azure SQL Database

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