AI-Assisted Development with GitHub Copilot

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AI-Assisted Development with GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot integrates sophisticated AI models into software development environments providing a substantial increase in developer productivity. Join us in this intensive half-day course to boost the way you work!

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En halvdag, kl. 13:00-16:30
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You will get in-depth coverage of using GitHub Copilot to increase the productivity of software development. The course will cover how Copilot integrates with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and run through the features and usage of Copilot. You will learn how to use Copilot to generate code in different programming languages and how it can be utilized to learn new frameworks and enhance code quality. Additionally, the course will cover how Copilot can generate test code and test data, as well as identify potential issues and vulnerabilities in existing code. By the end of this class, you will have the skills and knowledge to leverage GitHub Copilot to improve your productivity and the quality of your code.

Target audience and prerequisites

This course is intended for developers who want to learn how to leverage Github Copilot. 

You need to be proficient in C# or Python and have your own license for Github Copilot in order to take part in the hands-on exercises.

About the trainer

Alan Smith is a developer, trainer, mentor and evangelist at Active Solution. He has a strong focus on artificial intelligence and Microsoft Azure and speaks regularly at international conferences.


You will learn how to:

  • Generate code
  • Describing existing code
  • Identify potential issues and security vulnerabilities
  • Use automatic comment generation and creation of test code to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Improve the quality of their code and learn new frameworks, libraries, and SDKs.

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