Webinar: Get started with Azure Automation

Online, 17 september

Learn what Azure Automation is, how it can bring value to your business and ofcourse how to use the tool itself. Learn how to create your own Azure Automation runbook, and get to know which Microsoft automation tool to use at different scenarios. You will also get a comparison between the different automation tools in the Microsoft Stack. 

This webinar will give you an introduction to what Azure Automation is. We will compare it to the other automation tools in Microsofts management stack and discuss when to use what tool. Additionally, we will also take a look at the new graphical runbook designer in Azure Automation and compare it to the standard text editor. Using both of these editors, we’ll create new runbooks to ensure that you know how to get started with you first runbook in the cloud.

Highlights from this webinar that will be covered: 

  • Learn how to create you first Azure Automation Runbook
  • Comparison between System Center Orchestrator (SCO), Service Management Automation (SMA) and Azure Automation
  • When to use what tool

Meet the speakers

Anders Asp          

Anders Asp is a specialist focusing on Service Manager and Orchestrator. He is extremely knowledgeable and very involved in the community concerning these products and have received the MVP, Most Valuable Professional award in the "System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management" by Microsoft in the last four years. 


Anders Wahlqvist

Anders Wahlqvist is a senior consultant focused on automation using PowerShell. In his daily life, anything from Office 365 processes to grocery shopping gets automated using PowerShell and he has many years of experience of working with Microsoft infrastructure components in large enterprise environments. Some of his favorite technologies include Active Directory, PKI and of course Orchestrator/SMA/Azure Automation.

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Info om webinaret

Datum: 17 september
Tid: 10:00-11:00
Pris: Kostnadsfritt
I samarbete med Lumagate

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